About Us

Welcome to The Power Project, your trustworthy source for honest and transparent solar quotes. Our mission is to help homeowners across the United States harness the abundant, clean, and cost-efficient energy of the sun, by providing reliable and comprehensive information about solar panel installations.

Founded in 2021, The Power Project was born out of the desire to eliminate the information gap in the solar energy market. We were frustrated with the opacity of the solar industry, where hidden costs, vague promises, and lack of clear, comparative data are prevalent. So, we decided to create a platform that brings transparency and honesty to the forefront.

At The Power Project, we believe in the power of the sun and its potential to transform the energy landscape. We understand that making the switch to solar energy can be a daunting prospect. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that you get all the answers you need to make informed decisions. We provide you with accurate quotes from a vast network of local and national installers, enabling you to compare prices and services without any hidden costs or vague terms.

We work with installers who share our commitment to quality, integrity, and transparency. Through rigorous screening and ongoing evaluation, we ensure that our partner installers meet the highest industry standards in terms of efficiency, reliability, and customer service.

The Power Project is more than a platform - it's a community. We value the experiences and feedback of homeowners like you. As we grow and evolve, your stories, challenges, and successes become part of our narrative, helping us continuously improve and better serve our users.

Welcome to The Power Project, where the future of energy is in your hands. Together, we can power a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world.

Your journey towards solar energy starts here. Let's harness the power of the sun, together.